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Generosity and Gratitude

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with what I want to tell you about, but I couldn't resist. This is baby Rhiya. I tease her mom that she is my baby. She is so darling. The day this picture was taken, it was about 85 degrees, so cold in the village that she needed a hat......


What I really want to tell you about is the most humbling and heartwarming interactions I had this week. On three separate occasions this week, someone who wanted to help support For Once Child of India generously donated money to the program. On each one of these occasions, the person sent a check, or gave some cash and followed it up with an apology, "I am really sorry I can't give more". Many people donate what they can over the year, but do not feel able to sponsor a child. It is a financial commitment over a long time. Sometimes a sponsor's financial situation changes, and they can't continue to pay the full tuition amount. So, when money runs a little short, we pool donated money to continue to help all the kids and we find more donors to help. Anyway, we always find a way. FOCI is doing pretty well and I am always amazed at the way things turn out for this wonderful little charity.

But the thing I was touched by, was that even when people don't have an excess of funds, they still wanted to help, and they wish they could help more. They wanted to be a part of something they felt was a good thing.

I don't want to get too religiousy on you, but it makes me think of that story about the rich man, who gathered up his harvest, filled his grain sheds and after everything was full, he gave from the excess he had. Then there was a poor woman, who had only a few coins. She truly did not have enough money to be sure she would be able to eat her next meal, but she gave those coins.

He gave from his excess. She gave from her poverty. Blessed is she.

Not only did she give the little she had, imagine the trust she must have had to believe that she would be ok, she'd be taken care of, fed and safe, from someone or something outside of her. Care outside of her control. She had faith that she would be ok. When FOCI was new, I remember a Board of Directors discussion about how much of the donated money to use each year- should we hold some back, just in case......? One really wise Board member said- USE IT ALL! Where is your faith? Where is your trust? We will have enough!

So that is the message of this blog. Blessed are those who give what they can with a sincere and generous heart. Blessed are they who trust that there will be enough for all. Blessed are the faithful, who do what they can, and have faith that there is always a way. The accumulation of a thousand little acts of generosity is changing the world. FOCI is making a big difference a little step at a time. The tuition that we give to those poor children is an unimaginable gift to them, and to their parents. I have come to realize that the ability to help- even just a little bit, giving what you can, is also a blessing. It uncovers a sense of gratitude for all that we have, whether it is a life of excess or of poverty, there will be enough. Just trust.

To the donors who inspired this blog- you are amazing and I am grateful!

Peace and God Bless,

-- RaeAnn

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