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A Message of Thanks from

Father Raj

It’s really amazing to think how this For One Child of India organization started and now it is ready to dispel the darkness in the lives of future generations of India--especially where I grew and roamed. Somebody lit the light in my life through education and that helped me to come all the way to Central Wisconsin.


Nelson Mandela said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Now I am very proud and happy that this FOCI organization has taken the challenges to contribute little bit of change in this world through this great weapon of education. I am very sure this program will help many to see the bright future in their lives. Don’t you feel proud that you are the reason? You are helping the fire to be kindled. 


Your support can help change lives for the better. So I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the For One Child of India organization especially the committee members for their efforts and support. God give your reward.




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