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Iravu Vannakkam, God Bless You.

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Our American children have returned to school.  They have been studying for almost a month now after three wonderful months of summer vacation.  This is different in India.  The children that For One Child of India supports begin school the first week of June each year.  Their academic year ends the third week of April.  This gives only just over one month each year of summer vacation for the children of Eleanganny.  May is often the hottest month of the year in Tamil Nadu.  Children attending 10th grade (called 10th Standard) in Eleanganny have a big year ahead of them.  The 10th and 12th Standards are the years that they complete the Government exams.  High scores on the exams in 10th Standard can help children qualify for better classes in science, commerce or economics for the final two years of Higher Secondary School.  Good marks on the Government exam in 12th Standard mean better opportunities in College.  

It's important that children study carefully in these years.  That is difficult however, since poverty in their family can mean that they must work in the fields or other jobs.  They may need to earn to earn money to help support their family or even contribute toward their own school tuition.  

For One Child of India wants to change that.  

We believe that a childs' job is to work hard in school.  Members of FOCI are working to spread the word to our friends and communities that their support is needed to change the lives of the children in Eleanganny.  We have developed a presentation that we offer to groups who are interested in learning about our organization.  We believe that people are good,  and if they know there is a need, they will help.  Please help us spread the word.  Let us know if there are people who are interested in learning about our mission, and the good that they can do For One Child of India. We are happy to present the information at any time. To contact me to schedule a presentation, just send an email to

In the last newsletter, I told you that I was fortunate to visit India in January 2014.  I am so excited to tell you that I will visit again in January 2015.  This trip will give me the opportunity to gather some pictures and information about the children we are helping.  Look for those pictures in the next newsletter!  

We hope you will take the opportunity to make a difference in the life of just one child or family in India.  

Until I can post the new photos, I share again the video of the  family who inspires me to be a more compassionate and generous Christian.  I hope that they will inspire you too! 

Iravu Vannakkam, God Bless You.   


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