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Epiphany. Follow the Star..... Have you thought about that? Really? Follow a "Star"?

I have been thinking about that star. Maybe that star means something different to each person. The star that the wise men followed meant something to them. They understood it was a message of a new king. A new beginning. I bet they had no idea what kind of new beginning! But they got ready, met together and started the journey. And they were not disappointed. 

And so it is with us.  We all have a star.  That "something" that we discover and follow.  

It may be a hope, a wish, a yearning. It is a possibility and sometimes it is not so obvious. We really have to watch carefully to notice that star, and then follow it with great focus and perserverence. It can be a hard journey to follow your star. And for most of us, the star is not about personal gain, it is about meaning and purpose.

I personally realized my star a few years ago. It was a beautiful, humble star with great brilliance. My star leads me to the east. To India to be exact. I have discovered the star that leads to hope and possibility for children in Eleanganny. This star is the journey of learning that it is truely possible to help another have a better life. This star is not about what is in it for me- rather, it is the message of what I can do for others. Many of you have found that star too.  You generously contribute to the education of the children who live in that small village in Tamil Nadu. You sent photographs this year- which will inspire excitement and wonder in those children as I tell them about you. And this year I will tell them about you. They will finally know the face and story of sponsor they have been praying for.

So my FOCI star shines on through the whole year, but gets especially bright around this time of year. I am so excited to return to that place of hope and possibility for the FOCI children we are helping.  

Have you been lucky enough to discover your star?  What is that thing that inspires you? The thing that brings you energy and happiness. What is this star that you will follow no matter how difficult the journey?  I hope you have found your star too. We all can be sure that it is there, this yearning and wish, we just need to listen and look carefully. Some of us have a few stars, and I am grateful that you have chosen FOCI as one of the stars that you follow.

And it is with your help, that our FOCI children will be able to reach for their stars in the future. 

Happy Epiphany!  Follow your star!

God Bless You!


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